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MoonRock Pina Colada PreRoll - Top Weed Shop MoonRock Pina Colada PreRoll , contains 15% CBD, OG bud, dipped in honey oil, and also powdered with kief.

Some pre-rolls can be even be infused with high-THC oils, kiefs or extracts, making them even more potent and costly. Buy Moonrocks Pre Roll Watermelon Buy Moonrocks Pre Roll Watermelon online at Green Valley CBD USA.Patients that prefer a concoction of kief, honey oil, and flowers to calm their ailments Moon Rock Pre-rolled Joints | Kush Factory Moon Rocks are effective in pain reduction, stimulating appetite and nausea reduction. The product also boasts a .15% CBD rating which can combat pain, anxiety. How do I consume Moonrock Pre Rolls? Just pop the top and blaze!

Moonrocks Pre-Rolls - Cherry Chessecake

It starts with our Private Reserve CBD Flowers which we Infuse with High Potency. Cannabis CBD Hash Oil utilizing our proprietary process.

buy Moon Rocks Pre Rolls online in canada!! Moonrocks Pre-Roll Assorted Flavours.Pre Rolled Moonrock Joint (Moonrock Canada)

Moonrock Pre-Roll is available in the following flavours: Peaches & Cream Strawberry Moonrock Pre Roll | Leafly Our most popular Moonrock and Moonrock Pre roll – the strawberry Moonrock and Moonrock Pre-roll is an AAA (Market strain) Indica OG bud, dipped or blended in high quality C02 oil, and powdered 10 Moon Rocks Pre-Roll Blunt - Cannabis Dispensaries in Description. MoonRock weed is one of the strongest weed we’ve encountered. Cannabis MoonRocks Pre-Roll Blunt weed are made of super potent cannabis buds, we’re talking some of the strongest medical cannabis weed strains in the world, dipped in hash oil and then rolled in the same cannabis strains specific kiefs for enhanced cannabis medical effects. Moonrocks Pre Roll – Vanilla Ice Cream - Goldbuds Moonrock Canada develops concentrate covered marijuana buds for folks feeling a little, or a lot out of orbit. Patients that prefer a concoction of kief, honey oil, and flowers to calm their ailments will appreciate the dank euphoria and delicious flavors of Moonrock Canada. Moonrocks Pre-Rolls - Cherry Chessecake The Moonrock Pre-roll is made using the original moonrock, consisting of an OG bud, rolled in honey oil and powdered with kief.

moonrock-blueberry Halley's Comet - 200mg THC / 200mg CBD (MCT). High-quality marijuana flower, concentrates, gummmies, CBD and more. Menu updated .7g House Pre-roll Specials Every day special Select strain available. Moon Rock's $19.86 Per Gram - Weed Deals - Herbs4you.

+ CBD THCa : 99%  The cbd flower is dipped in Broad Spectrum CBD distillate, and rolled in Cbd kief to create a potent hemp moon rock. The kief has been Co2 blasted and  Moon Rocks Blueberry Pre Rolls, contains 51% THC, 5% CBD keif added. Moon Rock Pina Colada Pre Roll Joint, contains 15% CBD, OG bud, dipped in  Moonrock Pre-Rolls consist of a premium OG bud, rolled in honey oil, and powdered with kief.


Cbd moonrock pre roll

pre-rolls, THC cartridges, Gold Nuggets (infused flower covered in kief), CBD  Moonrocks Pre Rolled is the most potent marijuana strain, users benefit from it's The product also boasts a .15% CBD rating which can combat pain, anxiety. O.G. Kush CBD Flower Pre Roll 4 Pack - 22% CBD. Was: $29.99 Moon Rock CBD Flower Smalls - 14.5% Bubba Kush and 32% Kief, 1/2 oz. Was: $69.99. 20 Jun 2018 Other Moon Rock weed nicknames include Kurupt, Dr. Zodiak, Cannabis in hash oil and finished off by rolling the hash caked bud in kief shake. your many different cannabis need testing at 55% THC and 40% CBD. As requested by the community, here is our twist on the pre-rolled moonrock joints :) 1.5 gram of THC: Too much; CBD: >1%; Bud Grade: AAAA; Type: Hybrid  Nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief.

Comes with a reusable glass tube holding a Vanilla flavored Moonrock pre roll. Moonrock's Stardust pre-roll consists of an OG bud, dipped in honey oil and shatter and powdered with kief making this and the Meteorock the most potent. Pre rolled and ready to smoke! These will come in handy at your next group session.

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At 51% THC, the true colours of the moonrocks are shown. Each pre-roll contains 1.2 to 1.4 grams of Moonrock. Available in 7 flavours. CBD Moon Rocks | WellMart CBD | Buy CBD Moon Rocks CBD Moon Rocks available NOW! Our CBD Moon rocks are by far the highest quality product you can find online at the best price. We have the ability and the test results to ship them out anywhere in the USA, the other guys won’t even let you order them!